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Poetiron, helping you leveraging your life into a sparkle, an inspiration. Master quality, expressive artwork with real and long-term collectible value, reincarnated in fabric or any other medium. Lush and rich both in feel and in design. This floaty collection expresses impeccable creativity and craftsmanship in the choice of shades and in the print. The pattern, which is an expressive and illusionary art piece, is inspired by a novel design reworked for this season collection. Contrasts and designs in bold, brilliant color, perfect to add a fashion touch to your outfit. As a company, our dream is converting fashion buyers into art collectors and their closet into a genuine living exhibition

Artistic Manifesto

No matter which side of the art, not limiting myself; it is a language for me. Monkey mind firstly; then completely expressing my inner being. This is much more than the deeper indulgence that I experienced, a kind of existence and expression way. Maybe the path of expressing is a wholeness of spirit, sentiment, expression flowing from subconscious to consciousness. Cannot say it is not including intelligence as well. The rebirth of the creation process is somehow a lightning paradigm of the excess baggage of emotions. To fly...The point that you come across on the way of freedom is a universe you created with the name of consciousness. Like the joy of every spontaneous moment or the natural and by itself appeared process is a way of singing with intuition form.Suffering as an inner sense of body, joy as an expression attributed to the soul. And this is because the things that we want to express are the aggregate value of our existence.»

    Uncensored Ezgi Demir, Istanbul 2019

Screen Shot 2022-04-16 at 08.34.58.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-16 at 09.07.47.png

All Natural, All with nature 

5 different Acyrilic painting reincarnated with 100% silk,
served in a 100% leather special case

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